We have started vibrationally testing high quality Citrine to make available to our students and clients, because real Citrine has become very hard to find today amongst all the fakes on the market.  The majority of the Citrine on the market today is not true Citrine at all: as described in our Crystal Trainings, it is usually heat-treated (“baked”) Amethyst, which has none of the vibrational qualities of real Citrine (and which has badly damaged even the natural vibrations of the Amethyst it is made from).

Fake “Citrine” has the same shape as an Amethyst Point or Cluster, not the flatter tabular shape of real Citrine.  Instead of a base of similar color to the stone as found in real Citrine, fake Citrine has the tell-tale white matrix base of Amethyst. Fake Citrine has a dark Orange “Baked” look, whereas real Citrine varies from light Yellow to Smoky Yellow / Light Orange. Many crystal dealers simply say that “Citrine is a color, not a stone” so that they sell any orange color baked Amethyst as Citrine to unsuspecting buyers, with no warning or notice of what it really is.

All of the Citrine we sell is true natural Citrine; each piece is vibrationally tested to have the energy qualities this stone is known for, or we don’t stock it.  You can trust the Citrine you buy from PurCrystal.