Assorted Stones for Beneficial Vibrational Emanations

New Article on Shungite now posted!

This article includes: clarifying differences between the two major types of Shungite on the market; the scientific truth about the alchemical structures of Carbon in Shungite; how to use the Elite grade of Shungite for charging Water, and more.


Ruby is extremely expensive in transparent gem quality, but is quite affordable (and useful for vibrational purposes) in its opaque non-gem forms where it may be mixed with other minerals.  Ruby is connected with the power of the Sun in the Indian Vedic tradition, and is connected to Mars in some Chinese Daoist traditions.  In both traditions, it understood that Ruby has intense Fire energy and is highly activating; in our testing we find it has strong vibrations in the Red and Infra-Red Vibrational Bands.  Most Ruby we have tested does not have strong Centering Vibration, however we have found certain samples from the Appalachian Mountains which do; this helps to balance the intense Red Band activation powers  of Ruby.  

Moonstone, as the name suggests, is connected with the Yin powers of the Moon.  It is particularly popular for use by women during their monthly period, where it has an excellent reputation for easing cramps and calming the entire energy system.  Peach moonstone is preferred by some women for being extremely soothing.  

Kabamba Jasper is a remarkable Orbicular (ie, contains some internal mineral spheres) stone from Madagascar’s West Coast, where Madagascar separated from the African continent.  The swirling Green color on a Black background, which identifies this stone, comes from it being a fossilized form of what may be the first living forms on Earth: an ancient algae called Stromatolite.  Modern scientific researchers have stated that this ancient algae produced the Oxygen which allowed animals (and human beings) to develop on Earth.  Esotericists also believe that these ancient organisms contained more powerful etheric life energies than is found on the Earth today.  Some Vibrational Healers and Chinese Medicine practitioners use Kabamba Jasper for deep energetic oxygenation, calming the nervous system, and supporting detoxification.

Lapis Lazuli is one of the most famous “Royal” Stones in the world, with the best specimens having deep blue “celestial” color — sometimes with golden “rivers” (or points) of Pyrite flowing through the celestial blue.  Lapis was used in Ancient Egypt to make Amulets for protection and spiritual connection, and was even powdered to make eyeshadow for Cleopatra.  References to “Sapphire” in the Old Testament are actually referring to Lapis.  Lapis was used in sculptures or paintings to represent the most sacred aspects in the form.  In Chinese Feng Shui, Lapis is used in the Prosperity Palace for tremendous abundance, and in Daoist Stone Medicine for the Liver, Heart, and Stomach as well as for connection to higher spiritual realities.  Considered extremely nourishing by the Daoists, even when simply holding the stone in the hand; used to tonify the human energy system, for insomnia, and to reduce overstimulation & hypervigilence.  Used as an elixir (or placed over the heart) to make people more comfortable with themselves, and to bond properly with others; some Daoists say this stone can resolve  illnesses brought on from not speaking our truth in the past.