The Vogel Crystal Healing Method

The Vogel Crystal Healing Method Vogel Category500x500 Pur Crystal

This article is a short excerpt from our Vesica Institute How to Use Crystals and Gemstones online training. 

This training contains extensive information and practical applications which Vesica Institute instructor Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D. learned from the great crystal master Marcel Vogel in the 1980’s.

Method below is based on the use of the precision cut Vogel crystal.  Be aware that most “Vogel” crystals available today are cheap counterfeits, there are only a few master cutters who were directly by Marcel Vogel himself.  If you do not have a true Vogel Crystal, you can use a regular Clear Quartz Crystal.


a) Healer Prepares:  The healer needs to prepare themselves internally before beginning the practice.  This means becoming Centered and focusing on the emanation of Love from the Heart.  The essential healing work with the Crystal is that it focuses and directs the Unconditional Love from you to the client.  This requires that you are aware of your own spiritual essence, and that you are helping another spiritual being to attain a more complete manifestation of themselves on the Earth plane; it is the opening of the Client’s soul to Love which makes this authentic manifestation of the Self possible. 

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b)  Obtain Consent:  Obtain consent from the client for you to act as a facilitator of their healing process. Have the client acknowledge that they are primary in the process of bringing balance back to their body and that your role will simply be to assist them.

Ask the client if they truly want healing to take place and are willing to be responsible in their own healing process.

If they answer yes, then ask if they imagine themselves being well.

If they cannot answer yes to both questions, then they are not ready for this method and will require some other type of further counseling or other forms of intervention.

c)  Prepare the Client:  Prepare the client for the method by informing them of the steps involved.  Especially clarify for them that when you instruct them “to go to the source of their distress”, it is not necessary that they find anything in particular. Assure the client that whatever arises in their consciousness is enough to work with. If nothing in particular arises this is also fine. Consciousness will go to the source of the distress whether the client is aware of it or not. One is always speaking to the client’s Higher Consciousness or Soul.

Also demonstrate for the client the “Breath Pulsing” (sharp exhalation out of the nose) which they will be expected to do with you during the Release phase.  Have them practice it so that you can see if they are doing it correctly.

d)  Prayer and Link Crystal to Client’s Higher Self:  Have the client hold the Crystal.  The Healer then says a prayer / invocation stating the intent of the session, in order to awaken the client’s spiritual awareness and to link to Divine forces.  The Client is given the Crystal to hold during this invocation; this allows their Higher Self to link to the Crystal, downloading the needed information for the session.  The Healer then takes the Crystal back from the Client.

e) Charge the Crystal: The Healer uses the method described earlier in this training to charge the Crystal with rubbing / squeezing while rotating the Crystal in the hand, to build up Piezo-electric charge.

f)  Take Positions:  For the session, the Client can be either standing (preferred) with hands by their sides, or sitting with hands palm up on their legs.  Their hands must not be together or crossed.

The Healer stands perpendicular to the Client, so that the dominant hand (sending hand) holds the Crystal in front the body at the Upper Chest (Thymus Gland) area while  the other hand (sensor hand) is positioned at the back of the body between the shoulder blades; the Sensor hand is always directly opposite the point of the Crystal, on the other side of the body from it. 

The Point of the Crystal is always pointed at the Client’s Thymus gland, which is located in the center of the Chest about 3 to 4 finger’s width below the sternal notch.  The Thymus Gland controls immune functions and also acts as a “witness” area for the entire person.

When the crystal is rotated above or below the height of the Thymus, its firing tip is always pointing at the Thymus and the sensor hand is directly opposite the Crystal tip at the back of the body.  So when the sending hand rises above the Thymus height level, the sensor hand goes down below Thymus height (staying directly opposite the firing tip of the Crystal at all times), and when the sending hand moves below Thymus height the sensor hand rises above the Thymus height at the back of the body.

The Vogel Crystal Healing Method vogel 16 sided 2 Pur Crystal2. CREATE RESONANCE BETWEEN HEALER, CRYSTAL AND CLIENT

Link to Thymus Gland:  Healer links Crystal to the Thymus gland by moving Crystal firing tip counterclockwise…

The complete instructions for this healing method, and many more methods from Marcel Vogel, are contained in our Vesica Institute Online course: How to Use Crystals and Gemstones.

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