Instructing Stones: “Intent”, and the Science of Thoughtforms

Instructing Stones: "Intent", and the Science of Thoughtforms robert gilbert 1 Pur Crystalby Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D.

This article is an excerpt from our Minerals & Crystals for Times of Stress online training.

In modern metaphysics, the word “intent” is usually used for the directing of human mind power; classically this was understood (in a more technical and complete original context) as the stabilization of a thoughtform which you have consciously generated.

In the modern world, the considerations below are thought to be very “esoteric”, when in reality they should be considered basic fundamentals of true spiritually-based vibrational methods; in a more perfect world, they would ideally be part of a “Metaphysics 101” class at the beginning of one’s esoteric training.

In modern metaphysics, the word “programming” is used for the projection of “intent” (in reality, a thoughtform) onto a crystal to activate it for a specific function.  However at the Vesica Institute we prefer to use the term “instruction” rather than programming, in respect to the spiritual beings and realities working in and through the stone.  

Another way to say this is that it is beneficial to interact with the stone (and all natural energy systems, which always have the consciousness of particular Elemental Beings and Higher Beings connected to them) with Love, as we would with a child: we do not “program” a child, we instruct it. 

This is understood in many traditional Shamanic systems: everything is alive and conscious, and can be communicated with, if we can move our consciousness to the level of a natural system’s consciousness field. 

Many of the materialistic people in the modern world who ridicule and dismiss a loving attitude towards natural energy systems in reality have a type of illness of the soul, a materialistic toxic narcissism which is unable (or unwilling) to move outside their very narrow, rigidified range of restricted self-centered consciousness. 

This illness of soul is literally killing the Earth through our massive poisoning of it with radiation and with chemical & biological toxins.

Stones can only be effectively instructed (through attaching a thoughtform to them) to perform functions that they are innately suited for; if you instruct a stone for a function that is not similar to its natural powers, then it may try to perform that function but it simply may not be able to do it well, nor for long. 

This is why it is important to understand the innate powers which exist within each stone.  

This understanding can be greatly assisted through using the methods of direct vibrational testing which are taught in the Vesica online Vibrational Testing and Healing series, which will allow you to directly detect what the vibrational qualities and powers are of any mineral or crystal.

To give an example of this, Obsidian works very well to absorb toxic vibrations into itself (using its Black Band of Vibration, along with alchemical aspects of it being formed in Volcanic Fire), either extracting these toxic vibrations from a person’s body or absorbing toxic environmental vibrations the person is exposed to (so that the environmental toxic vibrations are pulled into the Obsidian rather than lodging in the person’s body or energy field).

So as an example for you to learn the fundamentals of this type of Instruction / Thoughtform application, we will work with an Obsidian Pendant.

If you have an Obsidian Pendant, then do the practice along with me.

If you do not have an Obsidian Pendant, then apply the principles of this practice to Instructing a stone which you do have, with activities which would be appropriate for that stone.


Instructing Stones: "Intent", and the Science of Thoughtforms new gold sheen obsidian pendants new Pur Crystal

The following full-length instruction of the Obsidian Pendant is a modification of a method used in the Pranic Healing system developed by Master Choa Kok Sui.

Note that it is very specific in the instructions given to the stone; specificity is very important in the construction of instructional thoughtforms.

Hold the stone or pendant between the palms of both hands as you project the instructions into it through the energy centers of the palms.

“Beloved Spirit of the Obsidian Crystal, Please repel or absorb all Detrimental Energies, Entities and Thoughtforms which attempt to enter into my Energy Field from the outside.

For those which you are not able to repel, and which you absorb instead to prevent them from lodging into my body and energy field, hold these locked within your structure until I come to clear them from you.

With your additional capacity for absorption, please extract existing detrimental energies, entities, and thoughtforms out of my body and energy field which are presently lodged there, and hold these extracted detrimentals locked within your structure until I come to clear them.

No one but myself may change or end this instruction.

Thank you for your service.  I love you. Amen.”

The next step is to compress all these words into a much shorter phrase and image / sound which act as a “packed thoughtform” concisely summarizing the full instruction.

An example of a shortened phrase which “Packs” the whole content of the complete thoughtform, is “Repel, Absorb, Extract”. 

Note that this “packing” into this short summary works best if you have previously worked for some time with the complete sequence of words describing the actions; each of the three words in the shortened phrase must within your own consciousness contain within it the totality of content related to it in the complete instruction.

Otherwise if you go too soon to the shortened phrase summary, it will not contain the specific information the stone needs; for example if you were to tell only to “absorb all vibrations” it may absorb out of your field beneficial vibrations you want and need, because you did not specify in the short statement what it should absorb (whereas the full statement specified it was to absorb only detrimental energies, entities, and thoughtforms). 

Or the “packed” version may not contain the important point that only you can change the instruction (meaning another person with esoteric knowledge and ill intent could cancel your instruction and give the stone different instructions instead – this is not common, but is possible).

You can choose to stay with simple word instruction, however you can create a higher level connection to the consciousness of the stone (which does not speak our earthly languages) by translating the words into a series of internal images (for more visual people) or sounds (for more auditory people) projected into the stone. 

These images and sounds hold the vibrational qualities / pattern of the instruction, in a form the stone’s consciousness directly understands. 

[NOTE: For some people what was just described regarding translating words into images and / or sounds will immediately make sense, however if for any reason this higher translation method doesn’t make sense to you or doesn’t appeal to you, then just stay with the word level of instruction.]

An example of an image which we can create to translate words into pictures, would be creating an internal visual image of a force field radiating from the Obsidian Pendant which is:

1. Repelling detrimental vibrations from the person’s energy field, while at the same time

2. Absorbing into itself those vibrations which do make it through the protective boundary of its energy field (so that they do not lodge in the person’s body or energy field) while also

3. Extracting into itself detrimental vibrations already in a person’s field. 

All 3 activities are pictured happening at the same time, in dynamic colorful moving images in the thoughtform.

An example of a sound would be a musical expression of the simultaneous resounding of the “notes” of the 3 activities.  This will be natural for people with a musical background or musical appreciation; musicians translate activities and internal experiences into soundscapes all the time.

There is additional important information on working specifically with Obsidian Pendants in Part IV of this course.  There is also more information on instructing stones in the How to Use Crystals and Gemstones online training.

In summary, it is important to not just use stones in abstract ways as if they were just lumps of matter.

When you understand they are dynamic vibrational energy systems with consciousness, and then instruct them with Love from your own consciousness, you will find the work you do with them not only is much more powerful (which can be easily tested with Vibrational Radiesthesia) but is also much more transformative for your own inner growth and spiritual development as well.

In addition to instructional thoughtforms, specific vibrational qualities can be held in the thoughtform – or directly projected from the person’s energy field in the form of BioEnergy projections – into the stone.  These concepts were introduced in the “Methods for Infusing Crystals” section of Part 1 of this course.


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