Detecting Artificial Treatments of Stones: Vibrational Methods

Detecting Artificial Treatments of Stones: Vibrational Methods robert gilbert 1 Pur Crystalby Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D.

This article is an excerpt from our Minerals & Crystals for Times of Stress online training.

In the How to Use Crystals and Gemstones online course you will find a detailed discussion of the various types of Artificial Treatments used today, and some of the stones which are most affected by these damaging treatments.

Below is a short introduction to the topic, with just a few of the most common artificial treatments described.

The modern market for stones and crystals have become overrun with fakes and damaging “treatments”.  These treatments make the stone appear to be a different, more valuable stone than it really is, or artificially change the color or other qualities to increase their appeal to uninformed stone buyers. 

These artificial treatments can cause tremendous damage to the true vibrational quality of the stones.  Their price has been increased, but their value has been destroyed.  The Vesica Institute applied the Vibrational Science we teach in the Vibrational Testing and Healing online series to develop the first Vibrational Radiesthesia methods of testing stones for modern treatments. 

Detecting Artificial Treatments of Stones: Vibrational Methods crystals 2 Pur CrystalThe Vesica Institute only began to sell Crystals after receiving requests that we do so, from students who needed stones for vibrational applications and knew that the market is flooded with stones which sell for a high price yet are energetically damaged or toxic from artificial treatments. 

We test the stones we sell to be sure they have the full vibrational qualities needed for optimal holistic applications.  We are not aware of any other major crystal sellers who test the subtle vibrational radiations from their stones (nor who would have the knowledge or experience to do so, if they were to choose to.)

Heat-Treatment is extremely common today; this changes the color of the stone through heating it in an electrical oven. This greatly reduces the beneficial vibrations of the stone, driving water out of it so that it does not conduct Chi (etheric energy) effectively anymore, and cracks the internal matrix of the stone from the heat. 

Irradiation by nuclear sources / ionizing radiation is commonly used with gemstones today, and increasingly is being applied to many more common stones to change or deepen their color.  Irradiation can make the stone radioactive and measurable on a geiger counter; however even when a geiger counter cannot read the radiation from the stone, it still holds a very powerful toxic energy imprint from the radiation source.  Irradiation is even more damaging and vibrationally toxic than heat-treatment. 

Dyeing with artificial chemicals is also very common today.  This covers the surface, and sometimes infuses the internal matrix of the stone as well, with toxic chemicals which have detrimental vibrational effects.

Here are some key Vibrational Markers and Detection Methods we developed at the Vesica Institute to detect Artificial Treatments of Stones, applying the Vibrational Radiesthesia testing methods you will learn in the Personal Wavelength and Universal Vibrational Spectrum online trainings

(both courses are contained in the larger Vibrational Testing and Healing series).

After learning these powerful Vibrational Radiesthesia practices, you will be able to detect specific artificial treatments through the specific vibrational markers below, which we discovered over years of research at the Vesica Institute.

Detecting Artificial Treatments of Stones: Vibrational Methods neutral Pur CrystalIRRADIATED STONES:

Strong Vertical Wave of Negative Green (-G), tested with the Vertical Wave Pendulum.

For Personal Wavelength testing: Strong Counter-Clockwise reversal.

(Note: some stones with strong spiritual powers will have Vertical Waves of -G naturally present, however in some cases these Vertical Waves are not toxic. This is why confirming the toxicity through Personal Wavelength testing is important.)


Detecting Artificial Treatments of Stones: Vibrational Methods vert horiz pendulum Pur Crystal

For Vibrational Quality testing: Strong Vertical Wave of Infra-Red (IR), tested with the Vertical Wave Pendulum. There is usually also significant Vertical Wave of Negative Green present, although may not be as strong as the Vertical IR component.

Also there is a reduction in the Horizontal Wave of Bands which are normally present in the stone before Heat-Treatment.

For Personal Wavelength testing: Weakening of Clockwise spin (based on the presence of detrimental vertical waves of -G and IR, the driving out of water from heating the stone, and the cracking of the stone’s internal structure from the heat).  In some cases this may progress to a full Counter-Clockwise spin, but if so this effect from artificial heating is not as intense a CCW spin as would be found with artificial irradiation.


For Vibrational Quality testing:  Strong Vertical Wave of the visible color of the stone, tested with the Vertical Wave Pendulum.  (Note: this marker will not be present if classical methods of dying are used with natural materials such as blueberry juice; however these classical natural forms of dying are rarely used in the stone trade today, and almost always use toxic artificial dyes which have Vertical Waves of their visible color.)

For Personal Wavelength testing: Variable, based on the toxicity of the dye used.  Ranges from Weakening of Clockwise spin to Strong Counter-Clockwise reversal.

For more information on a wide range of practical Vibrational applications with Stones, see our Vesica Institute Online Trainings:

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