Indigo Gabbro, Rare “Winged” Palm Stone

Indigo Gabbro, Rare “Winged” Palm Stone


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Indigo Gabbro, Rare “Winged” Palm Stone

A very small amount of this fascinating variant of Indigo Gabbro (which is one of the most important Adaptogenic Stones in existence) has been found in the world’s only Indigo Gabbro deposit, located in Madagascar.

This variant has the natural appearance of “feathered wings” on the surface, which energetically creates a more powerful broadcast of this stone’s energy qualities.  These qualities include the ability to absorb highly detrimental energies, and transmute them into highly beneficial ones.

Technically the “Wings” on the stone are thought to be created by a more rapid cooling process of the stone into solid form.

Seen spiritually and energetically, this is a change in the alchemical materialization process of the stone, which keeps the highly beneficial unique powers of Indigo Gabbro while increasing its energetic broadcast abilities.

Some users also report feeling more energy pulsation from the Winged variant of Indigo Gabbro, or enhanced consciousness effects from this variant.

Only a very small amount of this beautiful variant has been found.

We at the Vesica Institute were extremely fortunate to obtain a significant percentage of this find, to offer now to our friends and students.

Supply is extremely limited, and current indications are that there will be no more of this very rare stone available once our small inventory sells out.

These have only recently come onto the market, hand-carved by artisans in Madagascar.  We energetically tested a large lot of these and picked only those with the absolute best vibrational qualities.  These Obelisks make excellent Standing Pillars of Energy in a location.  We have also found that it is very effective to place four of these Obelisks (at the four points of a square) around a person or location to keep them energetically & spiritually clear and protected; this is based on the classic esoteric Four Watchtowers principle and will be taught in detail in a future training.

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Attributes of this stone are based on Daoist Stone Medicine and our own Vibrational Research.

Color / features:
Swirling blend of black, indigo, violet, gray, and white

Worn on the body, placed on key energy centers during treatments, placed in the living environment, given as an elixir,

Advanced abilities to absorb and transmute detrimental energies; Links directly to the elemental energies of the earth, air, water, and earth; aids in developing psychic capacities; expansion of self awareness;

Crystal Structure / Sacred Geometry:
Hexagonal (quartz)
Monoclinic (feldspar)
Plutonic – formed when molten magma is trapped beneath the Earth’s surface and cooled into a crystalline mass
Volcanic stone

Chemical Composition:
Constituted of quartz, feldspar, and several trace minerals

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Weight 0.00625 lbs
Dimensions 0.1 × 0.1 × 0.1 in
Palmstone Size

Small 1- 3.9 oz., Medium 4 – 5.9 oz