Charoite Various Shapes Pendant

Charoite Various Shapes Pendant


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Charoite Various Shapes Pendant

Color / features:
Pale lilac to deep purple or violet, and occasionally pink
Ranges from opaque to translucent, sometimes in the same piece
Has a swirling, fibrous appearance

Worn on the body, placed on key energy centers during treatments, given as an elixir, use in massage

Breaks up stagnation, helps suppress or contain emotions

Five Elements Affinity:

Organ / Body Affinity:
Heart, Kidney

Meridian Affinity:
Governor Vessel/Du Mai

Crystal Structure / Sacred Geometry:

Chemical Composition:
Hydrated potassium sodium calcium silicate hydroxyfluoride
Can contain barium, aluminum, iron, manganese, and strontium.

Level of Formation / Strata and Effect:

May have many mineral impurities
Use a potentiated quartz crystal for an elixir if there is concern for heavy metal toxicity


Stones vary in color and shape.  Weight includes setting.  Pendant loops may vary from piece to piece.


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