Best Methods to Make Stone Elixirs

Best Methods to Make Stone Elixirs robert gilbert 1 Pur Crystalby Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D.

This article is an excerpt from our Minerals & Crystals for Times of Stress online training.

Vibrational Stone Elixirs in Water

Our second system is making vibrational elixirs, from stone vibrations infused into water. This imprints the vibrational field from the stone into a liquid form.

These vibrational elixirs may be made with a single stone, or a complex formula with a group of stones.

Many traditions throughout history have commonly used single stones in water; however the Daoist tradition in China tends towards multiple stones in an elixir.

7 Key Considerations in Making Stone Elixirs

1. Choosing Water: In some cases where clarity or stillness or detoxification is the goal, Distilled water can be used. However in most cases clean Spring Water is the usual choice, because it has more vital energy movement to create an activity.

2. Handling the Stone: It is fine to handle the stone directly if you are making the elixir for yourself. If making it for another person and want to keep your energy out of it, you can handle the stone with a spoon or tongs; metal is okay in a pinch, but using a wooden spoon or tongs is a better option.

3. Container: Usually Glass or Ceramic or Pyrex. Never use Aluminum or metal pans with anti-stick coatings (teflon etc.) as these are toxic. If making a small amount of a Direct Elixir for yourself to drink, can just place the stone in a glass cup or a ceramic cup.

4. Duration of time in water: Two factors are key. First, the amount of water being infused (longer times for larger amounts of water), and second the desired potency of the water (the longer the time the higher the vibrational potency.)

5. Time of Day: Although there are deeper aspects of the effects of creating or drinking the Elixir at particular times of day, for basic work the main thing is to consume the water separate from eating or drinking anything else so that the vibration can be absorbed without mixing with other stomach contents.

6. Times to NOT make an Elixir: Classical traditions know there are particular times when energy systems on the earth are weak and exposed. The simplest of these times to avoid making an elixir is during a Solar eclipse (the most dangerous time), and during a Lunar eclipse. The energetic reality behind this ancient warning to avoid such activities during eclipses can be directly tested with Vibrational Radiesthesia; a person’s Personal Wavelength affected by eclipse energies shows a massive counter-clockwise reversal. Making an elixir during this time can infuse extremely harmful energies; the harm from these energies can go far beyond the physical level. Rudolf Steiner noted that during Solar Eclipses detrimental non-physical Beings and energies, which are normally kept in check by the power of the Sun, can emerge and become highly active.

7. Holding the Elixir in the Mouth: It can be helpful to hold the Elixir water under the tongue for a few minutes before swallowing, to absorb the vibration more fully. It is also possible to create the Daoist “Microcosmic Orbit” by touching the tip of the tongue to the roof of the mouth (or alternatively, directly where the top front teeth meet the gums) while holding the water under the tongue / in the mouth; this creates an important energetic circuit in the body while you are absorbing the vibration. This also helps the vibration of the elixir to move upward to the higher head centers.

Most Effective Technique: Single, Double, or Triple Quartz Containers Method

The most effective method which we have found in years of research to make indirect vibrational elixirs is to use 1, 2 or 3 Quartz Cylinders, (of varying sizes to fit inside one another for more powerful infusions).

Best Methods to Make Stone Elixirs Quartz cylinder article 1 Pur Crystal

Best Methods to Make Stone Elixirs Quartz cylinder article 2 Pur CrystalThe trade-off in earlier times when making the safer Indirect Elixirs is that they tended to make weaker elixirs than the Direct Elixir method. Earlier techniques such as the DSM method of putting a potentially toxic stone on top of a piece of Quartz crystal for hours, then taking off the stone to only use the Quartz crystal in the water, simply are not very strong. We have tested this with Vibrational Radiesthesia and find that the stone on top simply does not infuse the quartz crystal sufficiently for it to then make a strong elixir.

However now that we have Quartz Cylinders available, we can today make safe Indirect Stone Elixirs which are significantly MORE powerful than Direct Elixirs.

The tremendous broadcast powers of the Quartz Cylinders amplify the transmission of the vibrations of the stones inside the Cylinder, speeding up and intensifying the whole process.
We now use this Indirect Quartz Cylinder method for all of our own creation of Stone Elixirs for our own personal use, rather than Direct Elixirs (or Indirect Elixirs made with weaker methods from the past).

Using Just 1 Quartz Cylinder

Select the size of Quartz Cylinder which will hold the stone(s) you want to make an elixir of. If you are using multiple stones together in a complex vibrational formula, pick a size of Quartz cylinder that can hold all the stones together.

This Quartz cylinder containing the stone(s) is then put into a larger (non-quartz) vessel which can hold water. The Quartz cylinder then broadcasts the vibration of the stones into the water held in the larger vessel.

An important practical consideration: If there are only light stones in the Quartz Cylinder, then when it is put in the water vessel it will float and tip to the side.

Best Methods to Make Stone Elixirs Quartz cylinder article 3 Pur CrystalSo the Water Vessel needs to be of a size that the internal Quartz Cylinder just tips to touch the side of the Water Vessel while staying upright (note that when using multiple Quartz Cylinders in the Level 2 or 3 methods which follow, that they are already sized so that a smaller Quartz Cylinder with just a light amount of stones will just lean to the side while staying upright in the next larger size Quartz Cylinder). The Quartz Lid should be put on the Quartz Cylinder, which intensifies its energy infusion into the surrounding water, however remember it is not a screw tight lid and is not watertight.

If there are heavier stones in the Quartz Cylinder, in that case it may stand upright touching the bottom of the Water Vessel with no leaning (ie the weight of the stones overcomes the buoyancy of the water).

In any case, always be sure that no water from the Water Vessel enters into the Cylinder holding the stone(s).

There are no rigid guidelines for how long to keep infusing the water in this way.

With vibrational testing you will see this method works quickly, so the water is already infused with the vibration of the stones in the Quartz Cylinder within just 5 minutes; however the strength increases of course the longer you leave it in the water to keep infusing.

Using 2 Quartz Cylinders

In this method, two Quartz Cylinders of different adjacent sizes are used; in other words, a Small Cylinder with a Medium Cylinder, or a Medium Cylinder with a Large Cylinder.

The smaller cylinder is used to hold the stones to make the elixir.

The larger cylinder is filled with clean water, and the smaller cylinder containing the stones is placed in the center of it.

The water level must be below the top of the smaller cylinder when it is added of course, so that the water does not enter into the smaller cylinder and touch the stones.

Best Methods to Make Stone Elixirs Quartz cylinder article 4 Pur CrystalThere is a significant advantage in this method of having the Water Vessel be a larger Quartz cylinder rather than glass, ceramic etc. By having both the stones within a Quartz receptacle, and the water being infused in a larger Quartz receptacle, the amplification effects of the two layers of Quartz create a very powerful elixir which holds the full spectrum of vibratory information from the stones.

We mentioned previously that stones inside a single Quartz Cylinder have their vibrational field pulse between the internal walls of the Cylinder, which amplifies the energy field significantly. This goes to a whole other level when the stones in the Quartz Cylinder are then placed in a larger Quartz Cylinder which holds the water to be infused. Then there is not only the pulsation of the energy field inside walls of the inner Cylinder, there is now also a powerful pulsation between the outer wall of the inner Cylinder and the inner wall of the larger, outer Cylinder.

The significant power increase from this pulsation between the two concentric cylinders can be seen through vibrational testing, which shows that the energy field of the stones in the inner Cylinder roughly DOUBLES the distance which it projects outwards into the room, when it is placed in the second, larger Cylinder.

This increase happens whether the second Cylinder contains water or not. However the water does have two energetic effects to the projected field outside of the Cylinders (in addition to the water being infused with the stone vibration to become an elixir):
1. The water does increase the power of the field and the distance which it extends out into the room; the water acts as a “liquid crystal” to create these effects.
2. The water adds a different energy quality to the broadcast of energy outwards; it softens and smooths the feeling of the projected energy field.

To test this pulsation / movement of energy inside each Cylinder, and between the concentric Quartz Cylinders, we can use the Turenne Pendulum. This tool developed by the same French Radiesthesiast who created the foundation of the Vibrational Spectrum, Louis Turenne.

Using all 3 Quartz Cylinders

As you would expect, the strongest energy field by far is created when using all 3 Quartz Cylinders together.

Best Methods to Make Stone Elixirs Quartz cylinder article 5 Pur CrystalJust as we roughly double the strength and size of the energy field of the stones inside the Quartz Cylinder from the Level 1 method when we use the Level 2 method (two concentric Cylinders one inside the other), so we roughly double again the size of the Level 2 energy field when we use the Level 3 method (all 3 Cylinders one inside another).

The pulsation of energy now between the walls of all 3 concentric cylinders leads to this significant power increase.

As always, adding lids to one or more of the Cylinders substantially increases the power and size of the energy field.

There are a few basic configurations for setting up the Level 3 array:

1. Stone(s) in the smallest Cylinder, nothing in the medium Cylinder, Water in the large Cylinder.

2. Stone(s) in both the small and medium Cylinders, Water in the larger Cylinder.

3. Stone(s) in the small Cylinder, Water in the medium and large Cylinders.

4. Stone(s) in the small and large Cylinders, Water in the medium Cylinder.

In all cases, Level 3 use of all three Cylinders inside one another is substantially stronger than Level 1 or 2 applications.

Adding Preservatives to Elixirs which will be Stored for Future Use:

As stated previously, up to one quarter of the storage bottle can be alcohol or vinegar added to the elixir to keep it clean for prolonged storage. Usually it is stored in glass bottles with dropper tops, so that you can take drops out of it under your tongue when you need it. Remember to label the bottle, or you will forget what it is after a while!

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