How to Broadcast Stone Vibrations Throughout a Location

How to Broadcast Stone Vibrations Throughout a Location robert gilbert 1 Pur Crystalby Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D.

This article is an excerpt from our Minerals & Crystals for Times of Stress online training.


The following methods do not require any special training, and can be effectively applied by everyone.  More advanced and powerful methods require training in Vibrational Radiesthesia.

This method is extremely simple, it is just putting the stone close enough to where a person sits, sleeps, works etc. that the extent of the stone’s vibrational field reaches to where the person is.  This is usually requires the stone to be fairly close to the person, although using other methods in this section can broadcast the energy field of the stone out a significantly greater distance.


This is an ancient method which was rediscovered by the French Radiesthesiasts, who found that items placed in the interior 90 degree angle corners of room will broadcast “images” (vibrational imprints) of themselves through the room. 

This was later expanded by Dr. Ibrahim Karim in BioGeometry to the “Cornerstone” principle, explaining the method used by the ancient builders’ guilds to place items of beneficial vibrational quality in the original cornerstone of the building so that their energy was shared throughout the building. 

With Radiesthesia it can be found that the “Carrier Wave” Band of the Vibrational Spectrum, which is the Negative Green Band, is created in the interior corners of rooms; items placed in the corner then have their energy broadcast outwards by the Negative Green wave.  Whether or not the carrier wave from the interior corners have only a beneficial “horizontal wave” component or also have some detrimental “vertical wave” component varies from one location to another, often related to the building materials and the local Earth energies.

For our purposes, you can simply select Crystals which have beneficial energy qualities that you want throughout that space and then place them in the interior corner of the selected room.

If you want the beneficial energy to generally spread through the room, you can place the stone either on the floor in the corner or place it on a table in the corner of the room.

If you want the beneficial energy to be more targeted to transforming toxic Earth energies in that room (which rise up from below), then place the stone on the floor.

The strength of the broadcast is a matter of the size and strength of the energy field around the stone; for this reason large stones are generally used for this method.

Note that the energy of the item placed in the interior corner will be stronger in the part of that room closest to that corner, and declines further out.


This is another ancient method.  Doorways are energy balanced by traditions around the world, as the site where energy (Chi) enters into the building.

Methods for balancing range from putting physical objects on the doorway (like the Mezuzah in the Jewish tradition, usually placed around shoulder height on the doorway) to putting an item at the top of the doorway, to inscribing forms in front of doorway (such as the chalk geometric patterns which women are taught to draw in India). 

BioGeometry founder Dr. Karim discovered that doorways (and windows, ie boundary areas between one location and another) have the Negative Green “Carrier Wave” at these boundaries, which gives them projection power; this makes placing corrections at windows and doors a fundamental method in BioGeometry energy balancing.

Placing stones in these energy projection areas in doorways (or touching the edge of the molding of the doorway on one side of a door) can then broadcast the vibration of the stone from the doorway into the room.

This can be highly effective in helping to balance the area, by selecting stones which balance the energy from the environment or have other desired effects.

Instructing the stones for their activity at this location is also very helpful.


This method involves putting two stones, usually obelisk, flame, or pillar cuts, on either side of a doorway.  This can not only work as a Doorway Broadcast in many cases, but can also work to specifically clear the energy of people who come through the doorway.  Stones can be used which hold instruction well to clear the energy of people passing between them (who might not even notice the presence of the stones as they pass through the doorway), in addition to being stones which intrinsically have a clearing function or other desired function.

For example, for people gathering for a spiritual activity, the stones can be ones which have the function of activating certain consciousness or energy aspects, activating specific chakras or glands, etc.  For a doorway where people come into into your home or place of business, you can set up the stones with instruction and natural powers to clear the energy field of the people entering that space; this could be done with large Obsidian pieces instructed to extract and absorb toxic energies, entities and thoughtforms from people passing through the doorway for example.

Note that the large Obsidian pieces need to be cleared regularly in this case, by using the Eco-Laser on a regular basis on them, and then from time to time by putting the large Obsidian pieces in a bucket filled with Vodka and water to purge their toxicity into the water overnight, and then flush the water/vodka from the bucket down the toilet.


How to Broadcast Stone Vibrations Throughout a Location fountain 500x500 1 Pur Crystal

This method uses a water fountain to activate, intensify, broadcast, and keep clear stones which are placed into it.  For this, the water should be constantly running, not static.  The water should be changed on a regular basis, so it is always clean. 

IMPORTANT! The motor of the water fountain should be vibrationally corrected, so that the electricity which feeds the motor is running Centering Vibration rather than Vertical Wave of Negative Green.  If using stones for correction, use slabs or other forms of Indigo Gabbro on the power cord or on the pump itself.

This Water Fountain method is classically used in systems like Feng Shui, where one popular application with businesses is to use Citrine pieces, or Citrine spheres (so they constantly rotate) in the fountain to bring in more prosperity energy to the business (linked to the Orange Vibration and amplification power of the Citrine); be sure if you use this method that the Citrine is all natural, as much Citrine on the market today is fake (it is actually Amethyst baked in ovens to artificially change its color from violet to orange).


Placing stones on electrical power cords or surge protectors can transmit the stone

vibration along the path of the energy and through the EMF field created by the device it powers.  However the correct types of stones must be selected which will not quickly become infused with toxicity from the EMF (which is full of the Vertical Wave of the Negative Green band), or else there needs to be other stones or vibrational tools handling the transmutation of the line and then add the stone with the desired additional vibrational.  Indigo Gabbro is strongly recommended as the stone to transmute the toxic vibrations coming from EMF sources; see more on this in the section on Indigo Gabbro in Part 4 of this course.

  • Never touch exposed wiring!!! Only place stones directly on top of insulated power cords or surge protectors, or safe areas of electrical appliances!!!
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